Why Enee?

 Our obsession isn’t just around technology.

It’s about your business and, most importantly, your people.

Superb communicators


We believe communication is key, and its core to everything we do.

It’s hard enough getting your head around understanding some technologies, let alone having your IT provider confuse you even further with more techy jargon. That’s why we think it’s important to explain things in terms that you can understand so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Clear, fast and friendly communication – we think all those things are important. When it comes to providing support we always aim to respond quickly, so that when things go wrong you can be confident in the fact that someone capable is sorting it out for you.

Trusted advisors and true partners


Ask any of our clients, we look out for what is best for you.

Partnering with you means stepping into your shoes and seeing things from your perspective within your business environment. It means understanding your goals and aligning our advice to your needs.

It also means having those difficult conversations, and asking the questions that really matter to ensure that you are successful in every endeavour.

Focus on business, not just technology


Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love technology here at Enee, but we understand that technology is simply a tool, not a complete solution.

We’d never recommend technology for the sake of it. Instead, we’d rather learn about how your business operates to recommend things that make sense in the context of your people, your processes and an appropriate analysis of cost versus benefit.

We are people, people


We understand that behind every business and organisation are a wide variety of unique people, with different personalities and different views on what is important.

Over time, our aim is to build long term relationships, adapting and changing our one-on-one approach to each individual, to ensure that your unique needs are met.

As a testament to this approach, the growth of Enee to date is attributed to the number of referrals that we have received and continue to receive! Our customers are the heart and soul of this business, and our goal of delighting our customers and building long term relationships is based on this understanding.


What can we help you with?


Beautiful + affordable websites
Custom web applications
Maintenance + support


Business technology advisory
IT helpdesk + support
IT projects


Cloud servers
Cloud-hosted email
Cloud web hosting

We’d love to learn more about your business