We’re delighted and excited to announce that we’ve updated the Enee logo!

But don’t worry we’re still the same Enee Solutions that you know and love, we’ve just freshened it up by combining the squares, adding some round edges and adjusting our colour palette.

enee vertical logo
The vertical variation of the new Enee logo. 

An important part of updating our logo was to make sure that it represented something meaningful about our relationship with our clients.

The meaning behind the square is two-fold.

  • Enee is represented by the green corner of the logoWe partner with each of our client’s businesses to help them get better through technology, which forms the complete ‘picture’.
  • In addition, either colour (blue or green) represents our computer systems and web development teams which together, providers a complete, integrated technology solution to all our customers.

We hope you like our new logo as much as we do! You should start to see us slowly transition over the next couple of months, ready for the new year!

enee horizontal logo
The horizontal variation of the new Enee logo. 
The inverse variations of the new Enee logo. 
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