Enee have been certified as a Great Place to Work!

An essential component of our mission is to help our people become better versions of themselves through technology. The foundation to this mission is ensuring our people have a Great Place to work.

If we have a Great Place to work, we become better at attracting and retaining top talent to our business, which in turn ensures we continue to deliver exceptional technology services to our clients. As a result, our business continues to grow, we continue to hire more staff, and provide a net benefit to our immediate community and the South Australian economy. The Great Place to Work-Certification gives us an unbiased, independent view of whether we are succeeding in this essential metric for our business.

We think its so important to look after our people and this certification reflects this. We are proud to be Great Place to Work-Certified!

Check out our certification here.

"I consider Enee Solutions a Great place to work. I find the culture at Enee has a level of employee experience that drives us towards being a Great Place to Work. While working for a renowned brand, earning top dollar and enjoying fantastic perks are great things to have, Enee brings to play a great vibrancy, values of openness and trust that are shared between management and the team as well as our customers and genuinely wanting to do the best for their employees. We all have a part in the overall success of the organisation and know that we are instrumental to the success of our customers and in turn Enee Solutions on our journey towards making things better through technology."
Bruce King
Client Services Manager
"It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I work in an organisation that is Great Place to Work-Certified. It feels even greater knowing that the distinction is both justified and deserved. Our directors have worked tirelessly to provide a safe, stimulating environment for all employees. They truly believe that happy employees are more productive, more creative, provide better client service and are brand ambassadors outside the office. They prove it to us daily. We are given the freedom of setting our own schedules and the choice to either work from home or the office. To me, it’s not just the freedom to set my own schedule, it is the trust that is freely given to each of us to manage our daily schedules that truly sets our workplace apart. Having two small children, I never have to miss a recital or a soccer game. I’m never forced to choose between family events and work. Instead I feel valued and trusted, and I must say it motivates me daily. Waking up in the morning and looking forward to working with my team is an amazing feeling, and it is how I know that I work in a Great Place to Work-Certified organisation."
Garren Senn
Digital Project Manager
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