6 programs you need to trash today

Look, we don’t want to tell you what to do … unless it’s for your business’s own safety.  So, listen up, we need you to check your computers for 6 technology tools we want you to upgrade today.

As you know, in technology things are changing every day, which means tools and programs you’ve come to know and love have, well, gotten old and been replaced.

Things like Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash might as comfy as the sweat pants you throw on the minute you get home from work, but there’s serious risks associated with not keeping up with change.

Among those risks:

  • Discontinued technology can leave computers and networks vulnerable to attacks.
  • Outdated technology can lead to data breaches.
  • Outdated software & hardware no longer receive vital security updates, which leaves your resources vulnerable to cyber security breaches
  • Outdated technology can make your business look outdated to potential customers and clients.
  • Older systems are clunky and get in the way of employee productivity, or worse employee dissatisfaction. (In this report 49% of those survey said  they would leave a workplace because of poor technology)

So, with all those negatives, what are the positives to keeping your workplace technology updated?

  • Reducing the risk of a data breach or malware infection
  • Meeting data privacy compliance requirements
  • Increase your professionalism and foster customer trust
  • Remain competitive in your target market
  • To mitigate hardware and software compatibility issues
  • To enhance employee productivity and workplace satisfaction.

This all leads up to the big 6.  If you’re still using any of these … update them today.

Internet Explorer

Yes, it was once the number one browser in the world. And yes, you might feel comfortable using it.  But over time the likes of Google Chrome have trumped it – including its replacement, Microsoft Edge.

In recent years fewer and fewer applications have been supporting Internet Explorer – so trust us when we say, find a replacement you’re comfortable using.

Windows 7 and Earlier

We’re going to be blunt here – Windows 7 is now a dinosaur! As is everything that came before it! Among its replacements, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are very popular and widely used.

While the program may still technically run, the program lost support in 2020 meaning it’s vulnerable to hacks.  Meaning you should upgrade as soon as possible.

macOS 10.14 Mojave and Earlier

Mac users love to hold on to things for as long as possible – probably because of the costs involved in investing in them.  But once devices reach a certain age, updates no longer work, which leaves the hardware stuck on an older and non-supported macOS version.

If you’re running macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier, then your OS is no longer supported by Apple, and you need to upgrade.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash was the ‘go-to’ for millions of websites in the early 2000s. But in 2022, newer tools can do everything it could do and more, making it obsolete.

Which is why Adobe officially discontinued it in 2020, meaning the program no longer receives support or security updates.

So, make sure you uninstall the browser and any Flash software if it is still lingering on your computer.

Oracle 18c Database

Many businesses use Oracle. If yours is one of them, go and check you’ve got the current version. If you are running the Oracle 18C Database, then you are vulnerable to security breaches because of unpatched system vulnerabilities.

If you have upgraded, you’ll still need to be vigilant, because both Oracle 19C and 21C are due to lose premiere support in April of 2024.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014

If you are using SQL Server 2014, be aware that mainstream support has already ended. And in in July 2024, ALL support will stop including security updates.

While this does mean you have a bit of time before you’re putting yourself in danger of security breaches, Enee suggests upgrading sooner rather than later – especially since it will provide sufficient time for time for testing and verification of the upgrade.

Need Help Upgrading Your Technology?

Change is hard. We get that.

And you may be afraid that a migration or upgrade may cause serious issues for and your company.  We get that too.

That’s why we’re here to help.  Schedule a technology review with Enee today.

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Article used with support from The Technology Press.

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