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Happy, passionate, experts in our industry – who could ask for more?

    If Kosta had one superpower it’d definitely be problem solving. He loves getting to the bottom of what each client truly needs to come up with ways to streamline their business processes and overall make their business more profitable. He’s addicted to efficiency and can’t help but seek out new and better ways of doing things, all with the help of technology!
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      Christopher’s a bonafide geek! Growing up with technology and fascinated by business and finance, Christopher has over 10 years of experience as an engineer and a technology advisor with large enterprise, government and SME business. When he’s not near a computer, you can probably find him on a basketball court or football field, trying desperately to stay fit!
        Brett is a passionate and dedicated individual with a deep love for cybersecurity. With over 7-years at Enee and a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, Brett brings our team a wealth of knowledge and expertise and uses this day-to-day to help protect our clients and internal systems!
          Tim has worked in both customer service and administration within the IT industry since the days of dial-up internet. At work he loves developing and streamlining internal processes as well as resolving customer queries. In his ‘free’ time he is a personal entertainer (see: father), distracting his two boys so that they stay out of mischief.
            Originally starting out in hospitality, Bruce found his true calling 16 years ago in IT services and has never looked back! Part of what he loves about his job is problem solving and the investigative process… the bigger the problem, the better! He’s also an avid nature lover and likes spending time with his camera tracking birds.
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            karl castle
            // DEVELOPER
              Karl grew up playing around with websites and pulling them apart to see how they work. He’s passionate about user experience and believes strongly in not wasting time with the work that computers could be doing for us. An avid video gamer he spends his spare time thinking about how they are put together and even designs his own!
              // DEVELOPER
                Jack’s journey to become a developer didn’t begin like most. He’d always liked IT but had written it off when he had a subpar experience at school (to be fair its hard to sell programming when your teacher is also the art teacher). He finally crossed paths with coding again after attending a competition for the video game Rocket League and discovered 42 Adelaide. He loves the satisfaction he gets from solving problems, and hasn’t looked back since!
                // IT SUPPORT ENGINEER
                  Originally a mechanic by trade you’d understand Lee’s love for cars, but his curiosity for technology and tinkering around with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos has led him to where he is today, as an IT technician. He enjoys the whole problem solving process, from initial investigation, to brainstorming and application of potential solutions. In addition to working on his Japanese sport car, Lee enjoys spending some quality time with his partner over their new found love for pottery.
                  Brendan Shone
                  // IT SUPPORT ENGINEER
                    Brendan, a well-travelled Kiwi with experience in the hospitality and retail world, possesses a keen inquisitiveness for unravelling the enigmas of technology and comprehending its intricate workings. He is found constantly engaging with clients, forging meaningful connections while effectively resolving their inquiries.
                    During his time off, Brendan fervently advocates for others to partake in the immersive experience of board games, drawing from his impressive collection. Additionally, he indulges in his culinary pursuits, often preparing copious amounts of food, and partakes in water polo activities at the North Adelaide pools.
                    Dani Faelnar
                    // EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT
                      With a Degree in Psychology, Dani has a special skill in understanding employee and consumer behaviour which she leverages to communicate and interact with people in and out of work. Dani’s biggest passion is to travel, as she loves exploring new cultures and trying different cuisines. But, if she is not on a plane you will find her in front of a screen playing her favourite video games!
                      Kuldeepak Sharma
                      // CUSTOMER SERVICE ENGINEER
                        Meet Kuldeepak Sharma, an enthusiastic IT Support Engineer with a passion for work, cooking, and badminton. With his expertise in troubleshooting technology issues, he ensures smooth operations and seamless user experiences. When he’s not solving technical puzzles, you can find him experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or engaging in a spirited game of badminton. Kuldeepak’s diverse interests reflect his dedication to both professional excellence and a well-rounded lifestyle.
                        Tom Rawinski
                        // IT SUPPORT ENGINEER
                          Tom has always had a passion for computers and tech and started working on computers at a young age when his uncle gave him his old PC when he upgraded.
                          His focus is on cloud identity and device management with an interest in Microsoft 365 and Azure.
                          His interest in computers developed from his gaming hobby, working out how to get games running on Windows 95 when he was a child.
                          // DEVELOPER
                            Utkrishta grew up loving Maths & Science. Despite loving computers, he never had coding knowledge but after winning an international scholarship he got a degree in Computer Science, Electronics and Mathematics. After moving back to his home country – Nepal, he started learning and working as a developer. Another opportunity led him to move and work in Australia. He has continued his journey in Adelaide after working in Sydney for a while. After work, you will find him playing Civilization 5 on his computer or playing football (soccer) or table tennis.

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                            As a growing, forward thinking company, Enee is always looking for like-minded associates with the skills and drive to compete in the IT and web services industry. We are also extremely enthusiastic about our work, and love what we do, but we definitely understand the importance of a proper work-life balance as well.