Meet Our Team

Happy, passionate, experts in our industry – who could ask for more?

    If Kosta had one superpower it’d definitely be problem solving. He loves getting to the bottom of what each client truly needs to come up with ways to streamline their business processes and overall make their business more profitable. He’s addicted to efficiency and can’t help but seek out new and better ways of doing things, all with the help of technology!
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      Christopher’s a bonafide geek! Growing up with technology and fascinated by business and finance, Christopher has over 10 years of experience as an engineer and a technology advisor with large enterprise, government and SME business. When he’s not near a computer, you can probably find him on a basketball court or football field, trying desperately to stay fit!
        One of the longest standing employees at Enee, Andrea has been involved with IT since the age of 15. He’s all about the small details and pays special attention to each working component in order to implement the best solution. When he isn’t working he enjoys going to the local beach and spending quality time with his family.
        // WEB DESIGNER
          Nicole originally started in finance but her creative side and attraction to design lured her into the role she’s in now. She enjoys creating videos, learning new software and getting her hands dirty in a variety of website projects. When she’s not at work she’s out looking for adventures in nature or around the world.
            Starting out since 2001, Brett has always been hands on in helping his friends, family and school with their IT issues. His biggest strengths are networking, cyber-security and the Linux operating system – but he’s known to turn his hand at many things, even programming!  When he’s not at work he likes to assume his alter-ego of being an Elven Ranger, in D&D.
            // OFFICE MANAGER
              Tim has worked in both customer service and administration within the IT industry since the days of dial-up internet. At work he loves developing and streamlining internal processes as well as resolving customer queries. In his ‘free’ time he is a personal entertainer (see: father), distracting his two boys so that they stay out of mischief.
              // DEVELOPER
                As a developer of over 3 years, Kane’s biggest strengths are in front-end design, UI and developing custom graphics. In his spare time he loves playing hockey and listening to music. He has the habit of leaving his desk with his laptop unlocked so that his mischievous co-workers are ‘forced’ to mess around with it!
                // PERSONAL ASSISTANT
                  Elle is quite the veteran when it comes to being a personal assistant, having worked in similar roles for nearly 9 years. She loves that as a PA she’s constantly helping others and allowing them get the most out of their day. In her free time you’ll probably find her spending time with her dog Guppy, her Staffy cross or, on the wrestling ring as her alter-ego Joanie May.
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                  // COMP SYS TEAM LEADER
                    Originally starting out in hospitality, Bruce found his true calling 16 years ago in IT services and has never looked back! Part of what he loves about his job is problem solving and the investigative process… the bigger the problem, the better! He’s also an avid nature lover and likes spending time with his camera tracking birds.
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                    // WEB DEV. & SUPPORT ENGINEER
                      David has been in IT for many years, more than he cares to remember. His biggest skill is definitely coffee-related, usually emptying the grinds drawer or refilling the water. When he’s not at work, he is running around leaving scars, collecting his jar of hearts and generally tearing love apart.
                      // IT SUPPORT ENGINEER
                        Andrew has been in IT for over 3 years. He loves the challenges that being a technician brings, as well the opportunity to meet and assist a variety of people. Andrew considers himself quite the sports fanatic and is a devoted supporter of Liverpool and Port Adelaide. Outside of work you can catch him (if you can) zipping around Adelaide on his motorbike or playing video games or sport.
                        zac robinson
                        // DEVELOPER
                          Zac has always tinkered around with computers since a young age. After taking a basic computing class in year 8 he was inspired to begin developing websites of his own. What he loves about being a developer is the problem solving aspect, breaking down large complex problems and attacking them with solution after solution. He spends his free time playing golf, video games and playing with his cat Andie.
                          karl castle
                          // DEVELOPER
                            Karl grew up playing around with websites and pulling them apart to see how they work. He’s passionate about user experience and believes strongly in not wasting time with the work that computers could be doing for us. An avid video gamer he spends his spare time thinking about how they are put together and even designs his own!
                            // DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGER
                              Garren originally started managing projects in aviation. Making the shift to digital projects, he loves that he’s able to watch entire project life cycles from start to finish. His biggest strength is communication, and believes in open and transparent communication internally and externally. He loves spending time with his family, gaming and is an avid gridiron fan. His kryptonite? Vanilla ice-cream. 

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                              As a growing, forward thinking company, Enee is always looking for like-minded associates with the skills and drive to compete in the IT and web services industry. We are also extremely enthusiastic about our work, and love what we do, but we definitely understand the importance of a proper work-life balance as well.