WHAT’s TRENDING: #BionicReading

The words’ Bionic Reading’ have been trending this week – and for good reason.

Swiss typography expert RENATO CASUTT has launched a new app that converts text into a special format that enables humans to read at a faster rate.

How?  Well, through a creating what CASUTT has coined ‘artificial fixation points’, whereby the most concise parts of words – usually the first one to three letters – are highlighted.

So instead of this sentence looking, well, like this one … It would instead look a little more like this, to help guide your eyes across it quicker.

So, why does this method work?

Researchers of Bionic Reading say it’s because your brain reads faster than your eyes: “Your brain is a super computer and does a very good job at reading. Bionic Reading revises texts so that the most concise parts of words are highlighted,” the Bionic Reading website says.

“This guides the eye over the text and the brain remembers previously learned words more quickly.”

The company claims the method will be a game changer in productivity.  Adding that it has already received the tick of approval from people with dyslexia, who say the method has helped them process information quicker than ever before.

The Bionic Reading API already exists online as a tool you can use to convert text.
The Bionic Reading method is also already available in certain apps on both iPhone and Mac.

Bionic Reading explain how the format works (source:

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