Software Development

Sometimes, the only difference between a brilliant idea and a business-changing piece of software is the technical know-how to make it a reality. With that in mind, Enee is ready and willing to offer our software development talent to help turn your thoughts and vision into reality.

What we do...

We build software that you'll want to use and that has a measurable impact on your business, either in new opportunities or the bottom line. Custom software isn't cheap and we know that, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth the investment. We use our own customised iterative methodology to understand your requirements, provide regular feedback and be there long after the project is finished.

Out-of-the-box has its place, but for most business-critical applications, you deserve more.

The tools we use....

We use the Microsoft .NET framework and the Visual Studio to develop solutions using ASP.NET, WPF, Microsoft SQL Server & Windows Azure Cloud Services.

Microsoft technologies have mature development tools and excellent support. The underlying platforms are robust and scalable, and they coexist and interface in with other business systems nicely. All this adds up to lower project costs, faster turnaround times and reduced project risk. The majority of the cost of a custom business system springs from development time, not technology costs. You want to know that your investment will be accessible by other developers 6 months or 6 years from now.

What can we do for you....

  • I want to develop a new application
  • I want to rescue a new application
  • I want to enhance an existing application
  • I need to make my data work harder or faster
  • I need to extend my internal development team

What's Next

The first step is usually a chat about your business requirements and your current opportunities for improvement through technology. We are comfortable to put in place confidentiality agreements and often do, so that discussions can be frank and open.

The second step is a comprehensively investigation into how you can leverage technology and software to release a new product/service or improve your existing business process. Through this process, we investigate if you can achieve the same benefits from existing, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software!

The third step is scoping! Utilising the latest Microsoft development technologies, we provide a comprehensive scoping and quoting service that estimates the cost and timeline of your development project. With you and all stakeholders, we ensure that there is a healthy Return On Investment (ROI) prior to starting any work. If there is no demonstrable value, we will let you know and work with you until the time is right.

If at this point we are ready to proceed, we start development!

Have a project in mind?
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