FREE IT Health Check

What exactly is an IT Health Check?

An IT Health Check is a high level, holistic review of how effectively Information Technology is implemented within your office.

This free service identifies areas of IT where a business can:

  • reduce ongoing IT related expenses, and limit future spending.
  • leverage both software and hardware products to increase worker productivity.
  • automate labour intensive day-to-day operations to help reduce wage expenses.
  • mitigate any possible security risks, or potential loss of digital assets.

What do we do during the IT Health Check?

We will send one of our IT professionals directly to your location, at a time convenient for your business, to meet with your company’s primary IT decision maker. At this time, we will undergo a review of your current IT infrastructure that includes both your physical hardware, as well as your software. During this assessment, we will make note of any opportunities for improvement across the following areas:

Server Infrastructure
(File Servers, Email Servers, Websites etc)
Backup and Disaster Recovery
(Could you quickly and cheaply recover after an IT failure?)
End User Computing
(PCs, Telephones, Tablets, Mobiles etc.)
Data Storage
(Where is all the key business informationstored?)
Network Infrastructure
(Local networks, Wireless networks,Internet etc)
(Antivirus, Firewalls, Protection of private and confidential information etc)

What is the output of the IT Health Check?

At the end of the IT Health Check process, we will analyse our findings, and organise them into a streamlined presentation and document designed to clearly outline a list of suggestions that will improve your IT infrastructure. Once this is completed, we will contact you to find a convenient time to sit down and discuss our findings, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Why are we offering this service for free?

First and foremost, we believe that developing trusted relationships is much more important than traditional sales and marketing. In order to begin developing a trusted relationship with each franchise office, we want to invest the time and money - up front - to demonstrate our ability to provide real, verifiable value to your business.

The ultimate goal of our IT Health Check service is to provide each of your franchise offices independent, valuable, and numbers-based insight on how to reduce IT costs and leverage technology to grow your business. We hope that this becomes the start of a long-term mutually beneficial relationship that will provide a noticeable positive effect to your businesses bottom line.

How do you take advantage of this offer?

To get started with your free IT health check, or to ask any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to meeting you and the team!