Managed IT services

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, change is the only constant. As a business owner or manager you want to be able to predict and budget your IT costs.

With our Alliance Managed IT Services package you’ll be able to get full, unlimited support at a fixed price, PLUS peace of mind that we’ve got all your IT needs under control.

Security breaches, hardware failures, or trouble accessing the cloud? We’ve got it all covered!

The Benefits of Our Managed IT Services

Fixed Price

Keep things simple by sticking to a fixed, predictable monthly cost. That way you can sleep easy knowing you’ll be covered for any future issues or disasters.

Reduce Risk

With our managed IT service, we are proactively looking out for issues and implementing best practice configurations to make sure that issues don’t occur in the first place! When an IT issue does inevitably occur, you have certainty and contracted response times to make sure that we will respond in a timely manner. You are covered!

Remove Key Person Risk

Employee turnover, sickness or leave – one of these things are bound to occur. Therefore it becomes risky to rely on one person to manage your entire IT environment. As a managed service customer you won’t have to worry since you’ll always have an entire team as backup!

Accountability and Ownership

We take full ownership and accountability for the services we provide. This means you don’t have to worry about being across everything all the time, you can keep us accountable for your environment. No blame shifting, no finger pointing.

A Solution For All Business Sizes

The beauty of managed services is that no matter what size your business is, we can customise a solution for you! That way you’ll have access to the variety of knowledge and expertise without having to invest in the internal labour costs!

Priority Service Level

As a managed service customer we make sure you receive priority service! This means speedier service regardless of what is happening.

To take advantage of these benefits make sure you speak to us about our “Alliance” package.


Free Up Decision Makers

Decision makers will no longer be pestered for approval when staff members encounter regular issues. Instead, staff are free to call the helpdesk whenever they need with no risk of budget blow out.

Focus On Business, Not Just Technology

Chances are that your IT person or IT provider is great at servicing the IT needs of your business. Where Enee shines is that in addition to our excellent IT, Web and Cloud experts, we also have business-focused Technology Advisors. What we can provide goes beyond simply servicing your technology today, but how to make your business better into the future. And that requires a strong understanding of how your business operates, to provide advice and recommend technology solutions, specific to your business.

Diverse IT Skill Sets

Don’t limit your business based on the skill set of an individual or the number of IT staff you can employ. Instead, with Enee’s Managed Services, you can work with a team of technicians with skills across multiple technical areas; ranging from cloud technology and servers, to internet and networks, workstations and printers, websites and web apps… and more!

Proactive Solutions

You don’t have time to keep up with the latest technology and you shouldn’t have to. That’s our job! We’ll work to proactively recommend solutions to make your business more efficient, profitable, secure, innovative, and productive.

Get certainty in an uncertain world.

Learn more about our Alliance Managed Service package.