How to transfer a Domain into Enee Solutions

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 22:25
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Prepare the Domain from the Old Domain Manager

NOTE: This phase varies for each Domain Management provider. For this reason, the steps below are purely indicative and should be confirmed with your new Domain Management account provider.

  1. Log into your old domain management account
  2. Access your domain list and select the domain that you wish to transfer from this Old Domain Management account
  3. If there your domain is "Locked", you will need to "UnLock" your domain. If the option to do this isn't obvious, please contact your old Domain Management account provider to obtain assistance.
  4. Click on "Domain Password" or "Domain AuthKey"
  5. Copy the "Domain Password/AuthKey" in a safe place ready for the transfer in to your Enee Solutions Domain Management account

Transfer the Domain into your new Enee Solutions Domain Management Account

  1. Log into your Enee Solutions Domain Management Account (See How to access your Enee Solutions Domain Management Account)
  2. Select "Transfer Domains" to initiate the process
  3. Enter your domain name that you wish to transfer into Enee Solutions and click "Transfer"
  4. Click "Transfer Domain" to proceed to the verification stage
  5. Enter your "Domain Password/AuthKey" that you copied down in the first phase of this user guide, and click "Continue Transfers"
  6. If asked to confirm the transfer, review the details and proceed to the next step which will trigger the domain transfer process. You will be informed when the domain transfer has been completed via the email address that you have configured within your Enee Solutions Domain Management account.
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