How to make decisions faster (and feel better about it!)

Imagine this, you’re having the perfect morning. You’ve woken up feeling refreshed, awake and your hair doesn’t resemble a bird nest.

You brush your teeth, get dressed and just as you’re about to sit down for breakfast your significant other asks you, ‘what do you want for dinner tonight?’.

You sit there and think. A million food combinations race through your mind. You start researching options, weighing out the pros and cons for each, research yet more options and before you know it, you’re paralysed with indecision.

You do this with every decision, what shampoo to buy, if you should buy that shirt, if you should go to that event. And at the end of the day you feel exhausted and sometimes even guilty that you can’t even make a decision.

Okay, okay – most of us usually don’t get paralysed with indecision when thinking about dinner or shampoo. But there are many decisions we make every day in which we experience this struggle.

Here are some things to help you make better decisions in your personal and work life:

Ask yourself 10-10-10

These are a set of 3 questions designed by Suzy Welch.

  • “How will I feel about this decision in 10 minutes?”
  • “How will I feel about this decision in 10 months?”
  • “How will I feel about this decision in 10 years?”

Answering these questions could help clear up confusion, rule out possible options and help you get to decision faster.

Set a Deadline

If you think you’ll need more time to make a decision, then make sure you set a deadline. These things can often just get out of hand, so setting yourself a time limit will ensure that you give yourself the time you need, whilst also making sure you don’t waste it.

Become Your Own Friend

Sometimes we can get caught up in emotion, and this can affect the way we make decisions. Instead of letting emotion cloud your judgement, try to remove yourself from the situation. Think of how you might guide a friend in a similar situation and what kinds of questions might be important to ask.

Take it to the Spreadsheet

Sometimes a spreadsheet can be exactly the thing that can help you make a clear, rational decision. It allows you to clearly identify the pros and cons of a decision and gives you a birds eye view of everything. It can be as simple as two columns for pro’s and con’s or it can be something like this.


These are just a few ideas, click on the links below if you’d like to read more:

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