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What is Enee SaaS Protection for?

Enee SaaS Protection Features

Get Enee SaaS Protection today starting from $6 +GST per month.

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Why do I need to back up my emails?

There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in the cloud does not need to be backed up. Microsoft and Google operate on the shared responsibility model, meaning that they maintain their infrastructure but recovering your company data is your responsibility. When data is deleted or corrupted, companies face three major problems: Lost data, lost time, and lost cash. Enee SaaS Protection can:

Recover fast from Office 365 and G Suite data deletion

Human error is inevitable with SaaS apps. Not only that, but after a file is moved to trash it is eventually permanently deleted, there is no rollback option. Enee SaaS Protection automatically backs up data at both the site, file and folder level and restores it in record time, saving you from any kind of accidental deletion.

Eliminate unnecessary licensing costs & data loss due to inactive licenses

An active Office 365 or G Suite license is required to access your company’s data. Unfortunately inactive or deprovisioned user data is permanently deleted, and retaining licenses of departed employees can be expensive. Our system automatically saves your inactive user data across all plans, saving you considerable licensing fees.

Protect your data from ransomware

Companies need to consider a multi-layered approach when it comes to security against ransomware and other cyber attacks. Your Office 365 or G-Suite data is not invulnerable—without sufficient backup, companies stand to risk losing all of their files. With point-in-time backups, you can restore individual files or an entire application’s data from a backup snapshot taken prior to an attack.

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Get Enee SaaS Protection today starting from $6 +GST p/m.

Ask our technicians about discounts for high volume orders.