Do I need to backup my cloud-based email application?

As companies increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many people think that traditional, best practices like data backup are unnecessary. Most people assume that their email providers such as Microsoft or Google automatically take care of backups, but this is not entirely the case.

In Microsoft’s services agreement it states: “We recommend that you regularly backup your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.”

Google is also clear regarding limited recovery: “You have a limited time from when the data was permanently deleted to restore files and messages. After that, the data cannot be recovered and is gone forever.”

The risks of not backing up your email data

1 in 3 companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications. So for companies that are reliant on their emails for their day-to-day operations, losing data or even the time spent attempting recovery, could be devastating.

Think about this, if someone walked into your business and deleted all your emails what would be your reaction? What would be the damage? Would you be able to recover?

A report by the Aberdeen Group states that over 70% of data loss in cloud applications is due to accidental or malicious deletion by end users.

Your email data is vulnerable to:

  • End-user deletion, whether accidental or malicious
  • Malware damage or ransomware attacks
  • Operational errors such as accidental data overwrites
  • Lost data due to canceled user licenses
  • Misconfigured application workflows

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How Enee can help you with your Office 365 and Gmail backups

Enee SaaS Protection can help you gain access, control, and most importantly protect the data you entrust to the cloud.

In addition to preventing email data loss, Enee SaaS Protection can also help to:

Minimise downtime 

Even Microsoft and Google experience downtime, which can negatively affect your productivity and compromise your ability to access important business documents. Downtime impacts productivity and can cause massive disruption. Even a small incident can cost businesses between $18,000-$35,000. We can keep your business running without interruption– even in the event of a massive outage.

Increased use of collaboration tools 

Microsoft Teams now has 75 million daily active users, adding 31 million in just over a month with the global shift to remote work. Given the shared responsibility model for data protection and the impact of an outage on Microsoft Teams, it should be considered essential to protect Teams.

Enee SaaS Protection Features

Infinite Retention: Store an unlimited amount of data for no additional fees.

Point in Time Backups: Backups include daily snapshots of each user’s data, allowing you to browse through a user’s account at a specific point in time, or avoid data loss from ransomware by restoring entire accounts to a designated point in time before an attack occurred.

3X/day backup: Rest easy with automatic daily backups for Microsoft’s Office 365’s Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online. And Google’s Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Google Drive and Team Drives.

On-demand backup: Perform additional backups as needed at any time. Running an on-demand backup will not affect your three regularly scheduled backups.

Backup notifications: Get notifications at a glance, right on the dashboard, about all backup information.

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