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Experts in web, IT and cloud

Technology advisors who understand your business.

Experts in web, IT and cloud.

Backed by a local, friendly 24/7 helpdesk.

We have technology advisors who understand your business, and are supported by experts in web technology, computer systems and cloud technology to deliver everything from internet services, web sites and web apps, cloud servers, networks, onsite IT servers and computers. All backed by local, friendly, smiling, 24/7 helpdesk support.

We don’t just focus on the technology solution either, we focus on how the technology makes you better; to reach more customers and improve productivity, efficiency and innovativeness.

We are your trusted technology partner, the buck stops with us. We make you better through technology.

christopher sale

The Beginning of Enee

Starting out as a one man show, walking around dropping flyers into letter boxes in 2009, Kosta Haltis began what is now Enee Solutions.

Soon after Christopher Sale joined as co-owner, and then like dough rising, their team began to expand rapidly.

Christopher reminisces about the early days of growth, they were so low on space, he had to set up a makeshift office, in what was basically the server room; and proceeded to work from there – the cramped space, the warm server exhaust winds across his face and the persistent hum from the servers. Mmmmmm.

While continuing to grow rapidly, long over are the days of working in a sardine can. Now a growing, established business, with brand new offices, a strong history of success, a growing expert team… Enee have come a long way.

And that’s really all attributed to our many loyal customers who have supported us over the years, provided us with feedback and in turn have allowed us the privilege of improving their businesses through technology.

Our loyal customers are many and varied, from small, agile businesses, to large enterprise and government departments, and lots of medium to large businesses in between.

Enee’s future continues to burn bright as we continue to build on and improve the very things that made us successful from our beginnings; our obsessiveness with customer service and empathy, our openness and honesty with our clients, our no-compromise approach to quality and, last but not least, ensuring we take time to have fun and a bit of a laugh.

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Beautiful + affordable websites
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Cloud servers
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